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May 2019

Monthly Winner for May 2019

By Competitions

We appreciate your feedback, that’s why each month we give our customers who have recently settled a loan the chance to go in the competition to win a small thank you gift. This month’s winner is Mia, and she’s won a $500 Bunnings voucher. Congratulations Mia!

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Haven’s top 10 tips for moving house

By Home Lifestyle Tips

The most exciting thing about getting a new mortgage is moving into a new home. What’s less exciting is the actual move itself. With these tips we can’t promise you it will be fun, but they should make things a lot easier. The key is planning ahead, having a strategy and using a few tricks.

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Credit where credit’s due

By Finance Help

The way banks assess you and a loan application have changed in recent years. A credit score is now something they look at as an indicator of your ability to service a loan. By following a few simple tips and getting into good habits, you can improve your score and your chances of securing that loan.

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