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Business Lending Rates

Customers of major Banks may not be aware that they maybe able to secure a better deal for their business lending. Presently some of the second tier banks will provide finance which is secured by residential property from 5.54% pa and against commercial property from 6.38%pa as of Janauray 2013. If you are not getting this from your bank then maybe you should look to another institution.

    Medical Professional Lenders Mortgage Insurance Waiver

    If you are a qualified medical professional you could qualify for the waiving of your mortgage insurance under certain policy conditions. This could save you thousand in extra costs when you are buying or looking for a better deal. To see if you qualify why not call and start saving now.

      Your Home Buying Guide

      Attached is Coastlines Free Home Buying guide

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        Restructuring My Finances to Reduce My Debt

        It is quite rare in Australia for a home owner to experience mortgage stress: in fact the latest RBA report indicates that only 0.6% of housing loans are in excess of 90 days in arrears1. It is this sort of statistic that causes most of us to not even consider losing our home or property a possibility. The problem is that it is usually an unforeseen event, such as the story of Mary and Diane* that can trigger financial problems.

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        How Can I Purchase an Investment Property

        Investing in property is something that most of us think about doing, want to do or hope to do. However approximately 20% of Australians only ever actually do it.

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        Serious about Super

        When was the last time you checked to see how your superannuation was performing? Many of us give very little thought to our super until we need it and by then it's often too late.

        Considering superannuation is your retirement savings and often the biggest investment you have after your home, it's worth taking the time to find out as much as you can about your fund.

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        Unleash your Equity to Expand your Portfolio

        Owning a property provides a hidden source of wealth that can be used to build an investment portfolio.

        This wealth or 'equity' can be used to fund your next property purchase, avoiding the need to save for a deposit.

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        Refinancing Mistakes to Avoid

        Avoid these common mistakes and refinancing your home loan should be a simple, trouble-free experience. Successfully navigating the refinancing process can enable you to take advantage of better rates and features, as well as provide finance for a renovation, construction or property purchase.

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        Fix or not?

        A drop in fixed rates by a number of banks and lenders has increased the number of borrowers who are fixing their home loans.

        If you decide to do the same, make sure you are fixing for all the right reasons not just the lure of a cheap rate. Be fully informed of the implications of locking into a fixed rate as you don't want to later regret your decision if variable rates drop.

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        Renovate to Sell

        Renovation is one of the ways you can differentiate your home to attract buyers in a slow market, but you need to do your homework to ensure that renovating before you sell is worth the time, effort and money.

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        Private Sale or Auction?

        Selling your home via auction or private treaty is never an easy decision to make.

        Your real estate agent may have a strong opinion about which is the better option so be sure to quiz them about the reasons for their preference. It might also help to look at auction clearance rates in your area as market conditions can influence the success of either sales method.

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